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Weekly/Monthly Blogs and Technical Articles coming soon!

Here at Johnson Kelley, our job is to inform our clients, to help better understand and comply with Texas Accessibility Standards, under the TDLR Architectural Barriers Program. Whether you’re a small business owner, architect, contractor, or property manager, bridging the gap between TAS and real world application is our goal.

Between thousands of plan reviews and countless hours in the field, we come across similar situations that commonly occur, but could have been avoided. So, in order to hopefully save you some time and money, we have decided to begin posting regular blogs and technical articles on these common issues we encounter. The goal is to better explain what this (sometimes complex) code is saying, in hopes to alleviate some concerns you may have.

The blogs and technical articles will cover a variety of topics including: common mistakes and errors in plan reviews, common mistakes and errors during construction, more detailed explanations of “tricky” technical parts in the code, administrative rules and procedures, trending news and updates about TAS and/or ADA as related to architectural barriers, and more!

So stay tuned!

As always, we will still be readily available to help answer any technical questions or concerns you may have.

-The JohnsonKelley Team

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