Company History

Johnson – Kelley Associates has been a contract provider for the State of Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation since 1995 and as of January 2002, we are licensed Registered Accessibility Specialists (RAS).

We have completed thousands of plan reviews and inspections for Architects, Engineers and Building Owners to ensure conformance with accessibility standards adopted by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation for the purpose of ensured compliance with Article 9102, Texas Civil Statues.

This work has involved projects of all types including office, retail, large multi-screen movie complexes, schools, sporting and gymnasium facilities, restaurants and various other type projects. The sum of our review experience would be an asset to your project team.

Additionally the principals at Johnson – Kelley Associates are very knowledgeable with the ADA and since 1991 have been consulting architects in the due diligence survey work for real estate property managers for over 350 properties in Texas and over 20 other states.

Please feel free to call if you or your client needs additional information. Our references are available upon request. We look forward to working with you on a project in the near future.