TAS Full Submission

Texas Architectural Barriers Online System (TABS)

In December 2018, TDLR switched to a new online project system called the Texas Architectural Barriers online System (TABS). This system is the new online project database for registration and maintenance of the Elimination of Architectural Barriers project records. New users, Owners and Architects must register in TABS and create a user account to access the system. A valid email address is required to log in and manage your projects in TABS. All email notifications from TABS regarding your projects will go to that email address. It is essential that you create or designate an email address that you will be able to access for all TABS related notices.Training videos are available to help familiarize you with the system. Please call 512-539-5669 or email techinfo@tdlr.texas.gov with questions.

Many of our clients want Johnson Kelley to provide project registration services when they do not want to go into the TABS system. Please contact Johnson Kelley to register your project.
Project Registration and Submissions email: project.submit@johnsonkelley.com

Or contact anyone of Our Team directly who would be happy to help.
We can discuss the registration process and provide a package on what we need to get started.