TAS Plan Review Only

Plans Submitted for Review Only

    Requirements for Submission:

  • 1 complete set of plans (including Civil & MEP if available)
    NOTE: We CAN accept construction documents electronically
  • T.D.L.R Confirmation Page or completed Registration Blank
  • Proof of Submission (POS) form – To be completed by the design professional
  • Owner Agent Designation (OAD) form – To be completed/signed by the owner if designating an agent (i.e. tenant, contractor, architect, etc.)
    NOTE: If no agent is designated, then the OAD form is NOT needed
  • Payment of Fees (Fee Schedule) – Fees are required before services are rendered
    TDLR has changed the registration process in that the $175.00 State Filing Fee needs to be paid at the time of project registration.

You can register the project online at https://www.license.state.tx.us/ABProjectRegistrationOnline/ and pay the $175.00 with either a credit or debit card, selecting the option of sending the plans to a RAS, and using RAS #00000055.

If we will be registering the project for you, then the TDLR Registration Form Blank will need to be completed and sent with the plans. Make sure to include the $175.00 State Filing Fee when figuring the fees due. Once the project is received in our office with payment, we will register the project and email the confirmation page with the EAB# the same day.

*Our forms are available in pdf or in a downloadable Excel version