TDLR Notice Of Inspection Overdue

We can assist you in complying with the State’s Inspection Requirement.

On the TDLR Notice of Inspection Overdue form, check the option of “A RAS will inspect…” and complete with RAS – Jeff Kelley and RAS # 55. Fax a copy back to TDLR, which will inform them that a RAS will be requesting the file for inspection.

Requirements for Submission:


Johnson – Kelley will order the state file and upon receipt of the file and payment of fees, will contact you to arrange the inspection as quickly as possible.

NOTE: If you receive a letter from the Enforcement Division, we can still assist with the inspection after any penalty settlement has been resolved with TDLR. Please call Kelly (972-422-5384 x1942 – Direct: 972-346-1942) and they can walk you through the process, however, we cannot deal with Enforcement for you.

*Our forms are available in pdf or in a downloadable Excel version