Why Use JKA

What makes Johnson – Kelley different from other service providers?
Our staff has over 58 years combined TAS consulting experience and doing work with the T.D.L.R. Additionally, Jeff and Steve have over 47 years ADA consulting experience.

We offer a discounted rate under certain conditions
If payment for Plan Review, Inspection & Travel Fee are sent at the time of project submission, we offer a 10% discount on our fees and a $10.00 gift card to either Kroger®, Chili’s®, or Wal-Mart®

We track your project from beginning to end
We complete the Plan Review, keep the State File updated, make contact near the end of the month of construction completion and schedule the post-construction inspection

Whenever possible we will schedule the inspection near the final punch

We provide inspection services for the ENTIRE state of Texas, which can provide consistency for your company, especially if it is a “national” chain
If you take advantage of our 10% discount, our fees are comparable if not lower than a local provider

We regularly check the TDLR website for our clients’ projects to assist in compliance with the state’s statutes regarding accessibility