TAS Inspection Only

Post-Construction Inspection Only

    Requirements for Submission:
  • Request for Inspection (RFI) form – To be signed by the owner (or owner’s designated agent)
  • Owner Agent Designation (OAD) form – To be completed/signed by the owner if designating an agent (i.e. tenant, contractor, architect, etc.)
    NOTE: If no agent is designated, then the OAD form is NOT needed
  • Payment of Fees – Fees are required before services are rendered Fee Schedule & Travel Zone Map

If Johnson-Kelley performed the plan review and you’re not sure if the forms/fees have been submitted, just contact Marsha (mmcmeans@johnsonkelley.com) and reference the project’s JKA # (or EAB#).

*Our forms are available in pdf or in a downloadable Excel version